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How to Get Started and Stop Procrastinating

Day after day the amount of information in the world increases. The vast amounts of information make it possible for people all over the world to learn and progress. However, when you simply need to take action and start an overabundance of information can actually be a hindrance.


I’ve been developing website and working with small business clients for around 6 years now. During this time I’ve always wanted to start something myself and be in charge of my own destiny.

The internet has enabled me to find lucrative ideas and learn everything I needed to learn to start my own successful business. However, regardless of the amount of ideas and the quality of them, actually starting something never really happened.

This I believe is a common issue in today’s world. As information is always available to us, we fail to actually take action as we are busy consuming it. Thus, we are hindering our own performance by getting to caught up in trying to improve and learn.

The Basics of Actually Getting Started

There are several keys things which I have found that will always get someone started. They are described below in brief detail.

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

One way to make sure you start something is to financially invest in it. The more significant the amount of money the harder you will likely try to make your investment worth while.

This doesn’t necessarily apply to everything though. For example if you plan on making money in the stock market, don’t go and invest a bunch of money right away. That’s not what I’m referring to.

What this does apply to is things like yearly memberships, programs, and all sorts of business programs. If you invest a significant amount of money into these, you will likely try to make sure that it pays off. This results in your working towards your goal and actually starting to do stuff.

Think Less, Do More

Sometimes thinking is good, but sometimes it’s not. If you overthink something you can unconscionably create stress and push your mind away from what your doing. Sometimes the best thing you can do, is simply stop thinking and start doing.

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Again, this doesn’t apple to all situations of life and business. For example if your planning to buy a bunch of inventory for your small business, it makes sense to take a look a real close look at the numbers before actually taking action.

What it does apply to is in scenarios of marketing, prospecting and sales. If you want to make some cold calls, simply grab a list of numbers and start making cold calls. As you go through each call, take notes and reflect on your progress. This way you accumulate the information necessary to improve your next cold call, while already taking action and getting results.

Move Around and Stay Active

Sitting for too long can trigger certain stress hormones to be released. These hormones can trigger negative thoughts and outlooks. To prevent this common issue, simply get moving.

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Pace around the office, get active, make bold gestures, or simply do some jumping jacks. It really doesn’t matter what you do. The main thing is to get moving and get the mind alert. Once you feel the surge of energy take advantage of it and start taking actions.

If you are really slumped and are feeling extra lazy, a coffee or other energy booster can be quite rewarding. However, be aware that too much can have negative health consequences. So, stay alert and stat active and you may not even need it.


So there you have it. Put your money where your mouth is, think less, and stay active and you’ll start seeing results in no time.

Keep at it for long enough and you will find this approach so addictive that you won’t want to stop. This is how the most successful leaders get started and why they keep going even past the point of success. Simply because they become hooked on getting started and taking action.

Remember, time waits for no man. You, me and every single person on this earth is limited by time. Success doesn’t depend on how much information we accumulate during our time on earth, but on how much things we accomplish.

Let me know what you think of my approach to getting started in the comments below.


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