The core of this website will be the creation of top quality tutorials on all things related to making money. For the longest time I’ve been personally interested in money and quick ways to make it. Consistently my mind would jump from idea to idea, delving deep into detailed information and business specifics. However, over time it has become apparent that my biggest joy comes from learning and not actually building.

The Main Idea Behind Income Cook

The idea behind this project is to provide my research capabilities and knowledge for the masses. Allowing quick access to valuable information which will help you get started generating income quickly. Thus, the name of the website was chosen (Income Cook).

Basically, I’ll be taking the idea of easy to follow recipes that you commonly use for cooking dinner and instead develop them around money making ideas and projects.

Along the way I intend on interviewing and obtaining information from leaders in the industry. This is the only the website and it’s content’s will have some real world data behind it’s concepts and suggestions.

What’s Currently Out There

Prior to starting I took the liberty to look around and see if there is anything similar currently out there. Now, even though there are many business plans, how-to-guides and other valuable resources available I was unable to find simple concise easy to follow tutorials.

When you read a business plan or an interesting article, it’s easy to just set this a side and move on to something else. After reading the information you are never really tempted to take direct and instant action.

This is my opinion is a waste of time. Instead of always reading and going over piles of information which has been created for the sake of being read, you should focus your valuable time on quick actionable reading.

Yes the data and the facts are good. However, all the filler that’s out there is definitely not good for productivity.

Who This Website is For

The core of the website is mainly target to entrepreneurs and freelancers. The individuals who enjoy going against the flow. The ones who like finding their own way in this complicated world.

Even though entrepreneurs are the target audience there will likely be plenty of golden nuggets created along the way, which can be of use to the average Joe (or Jane).